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Bankruptcy Lawyer New Haven, CT

New Haven Bankruptcy Lawyer

How An Effective Bankruptcy Lawyer In New Haven, Connecticut Can Solve Your Problems!

bankruptcy lawyer New Haven, CTAt The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, we have been helping New Haven residents solve seemingly overwhelming financial matters since 1983 as the premier consumer and small business bankruptcy lawyers in New Haven, CT.  Our huge list of successful New Haven clients — individuals, families and small businesses — now know that there are a variety of solid legal solutions to all types of financial problems.  It just starts with a first call to our office.

If you feel that you are collapsing under monthly payments on credit card debt, old past due bills or are overwhelmed by calls from creditors, we offer representation that gets you out of debt and back on your feet. Every day, we get calls from people who are struggling with high-interest credit cards, payday loans and mortgage problems, some on the brink of foreclosure. With over 35 years of experience and five dedicated Bankruptcy attorneys, we know how to regain your financial future and get you back on track again.

We provide personalized bankruptcy services and customized solutions through effective legal representation on the full range of financial matters, including:

  • Credit card problems
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy 
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy 
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy 
  • Foreclosure mediation 
  • Foreclosure defense in Connecticut 
  • Mortgage modification 
  • Second mortgage and lien removal 
  • Consolidations and debt settlement
  • Other options for debt relief and financial protection

Bankruptcy Lawyers Solving Your Financial Challenges in New Haven, CT

As experienced New Haven bankruptcy lawyers, we understand how to use the Bankruptcy Code to provide you with the maximum legal protection and solid, lasting solutions to the financial problems faced by so many New Haven residents and small businesses.

Financial Recovery:  Bankruptcy law is there for your protection and recovery.  Your financial recovery has always been the Number One focus, purpose and joy of our jobs as bankruptcy attorneys in New Haven.

Predictable Results:  Bankruptcy law is based on math, just like your family budget, and like all math, you can get it perfect and entirely 100% predictable.  At our office, your case is done completely and precisely giving you the fullest debt relief possible under the law.  With our experience, your case will be perfectly filed and predictably granted under the law.

Respectful Treatment:  The Bankruptcy law is there to protect you through an efficient, predictable and respectful process.  There is no Court appearance required for clients – all the work on your case is done by our experienced bankruptcy attorneys in the office prior to any filing we make on your behalf.  We also do all Court appearances without any need for clients to be present.  We’re very proud of the Bankruptcy system in New Haven, CT.  As bankruptcy lawyers, we appreciate the recovery of all our New Haven bankruptcy clients and the results we can provide through our dedication to your recovery.

The toughest step is always the first call.

My call to your office was the relief I needed.  I was immediately routed to speak with you.  Your expertise, calm demeanor and thoughtful consideration were uplifting.  It was clear that I had made the right choice to call you for help.” ~ Testimonial

All solutions and all recoveries begin with a first call

Regardless of what challenges you face or how hopeless you may feel, be brave, make the call, because we can help.  Since 1983, our New Haven, Connecticut bankruptcy attorneys have diligently represented thousands of New Haven people facing collection actions, wage garnishments, foreclosures, creditor harassment, and many other challenges all through the Bankruptcy Court system!  We have successfully defended thousands of homeowners in foreclosure as New Haven bankruptcy lawyers for over 35 years.

Never has retaining the best possible experienced New Haven bankruptcy lawyer  been as crucial as it is today. The Bankruptcy Code is powerful protection for you, but it is complicated. Our bankruptcy lawyers will guide you toward the debt relief you need through smart choices, effective work and a total commitment to your success.  In our first free consultation, we will be able to immediately address your financial issues and provide a framework of options.  We’ll know which bankruptcy is the right option for you, be it Chapter 7 debt elimination, Chapter 13 debt reorganization, or Chapter 11 small business reorganization.  We have the knowledge and experience to resolve any debt related issues threatening you, your family, or your small business

With our knowledge, expertise and the full application of powerful bankruptcy solutions, our clients experience financial relief immediately, even in the very first call as they begin to feel the weight and burden of their financial crisis lifted. 

If you are looking for a whole new financial fresh start, contact one of our bankruptcy lawyers in New Haven, CT to schedule a free consultation.  You will always speak directly with an experienced attorney who can address your questions and concerns.  We can be reached at 203-230-2233. We can also be reached online by filling out our simple Contact Form for a prompt response.